My name is Arianna Riddler.

I never expected to be writing this. Living in a small mountain town, I had my dog and everything finally seemed to be falling into place. I had a nice home, a small cabin—a place to clear my head after my mother's recent passing.

But then I started seeing things. Weird things. Things that don't make sense. And one day my dog freaked and dragged me through the forest, only to dig up this random box. The instant I opened it, I was caught in the eye of a storm. I blacked out.

When I woke up, nothing looked familiar. I found myself surrounded by strangers. They're all talking about this prophecy, and this Darkness...hinting that I am the one the Darkness wants. Not to mention the army of undead, soulless fantastical creatures they claim are stalking the place.
Well. Now I'm terrified.

I'm left with a choice. Fight, or flee? And if I run...where do I go?

CAUTION: This book is a dark adult fantasy that ends on a cliffhanger in a trail of blood. Discretion is advised.
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